10 easy essay writing rules for freshmen

Getting the right essay writing skills is important for all students. Whether you are in high school, college or pursuing your master degree, you are required to write papers in all levels.

  • Analyze the question
  • Before you start writing the paper, make sure you understand the question. You must know what is expected of your paper. There is need to know the keywords and the concepts that you have to put down. These keywords and concepts are in the essay question. Write down the objectives so that you can have an easy time when you start your work.

  • Create an easy plan
  • They say failure to plan is planning to fail. You need to create a plan on how you are going to complete your paper. The things you need to do like looking for great sources, seeking guidance from your tutor among others. Have a flow chart so that you can have a clear direction from the onset.

  • Carry out adequate research
  • After understanding the question, you need to look for sources to get relevant ideas that will form part of your essay. Use the keywords and the concepts of the question to search for sources in the library, Google scholar and journal database. Narrow down to a few that are more relevant and up to date.

  • Come up with a captivating introduction
  • Your tutor will have an opinion of your work based on the quality of your introduction. It must be quality introduction that has the hook and the thesis. The hook must be creative and intriguing so that it becomes interesting for readers to continue reading. Your thesis must be relevant and focused to suggest that the augments will be shared in detail within the body.

  • Write focused paragraphs
  • You must write and articulate ideas within the paragraph in a way that allow a good flow. Every sentence should refer back to the thesis so that the reader understands you are trying to expound on the topic.

  • Use relevant examples
  • While it is important to use examples in your work, you must be keen and pick relevant and quality examples. The examples should build on the thesis and backed by facts and references.

  • Make your position known
  • In case you are required to add your voice to the issue, ensure you make a strong argument and back it up with great sources.

  • Add a powerful conclusion
  • Every easy must have a conclusion. The conclusion should have a call to action or otherwise wrap up the essential idea.

  • Add reference list
  • List all the sources you have used and ensure you are conversant with the specified referencing style.

  • Proofread the work
  • Proofread your work to get rid of all grammatical errors and typos. Follow these simple rules and you are on your way to great grades. Writing has never been this easy. You can also consult more in case of any difficulties.