Essay Secrets For Beginners: Excelling Skills And Developing Writing Voice

You are writing voice can say a lot about you, as a result, it is important to develop it to a high standard. There are various aspects that go into developing a good writing voice, and the following will outline various things that you may wish to consider, particularly as a beginner.

  • Developing different voices depending upon the requirements of your work

    Firstly, the particular writing voice that you use may differ depending upon the requirements of the work. For example, a descriptive essay may see you using a relatively different writing voice compared to writing a history research paper.

    As a result, you may not necessarily be developing a single writing voice, but the overall style that can be adapted and adjusted to suit a wide range of purposes.

  • Using the first, second and third person
  • Another thing to be aware of is whether to use the first, second or third person. Deciding which option to use will generally be fairly intuitive, and will depend very much upon the requirements of each individual essay. If you are writing a descriptive paper, a narrative paper or other creative pieces of work, then you may choose to use a different voice compared to writing an argumentative paper or a historical paper.

  • Writing with a sense of authority
  • Writing with a sense of authority can help to take your writing to another level. You want to come across as confident and believing in what you are saying. Ultimately, if you do not believe in what you’re saying, then why should the reader.

  • Reading as much as possible
  • To become a good writer it makes sense to read as much as possible. Essentially, you can see what works and what doesn’t based on what other people have produced. You don’t necessarily need to copy other people styles, but you can incorporate some of the voices that you from other people, in order to create your own blend.

    Another benefit of reading as much as possible is it will make it easier for you to write a wide range of different academic papers, as you will already have knowledge of a wide variety of different topics - although you should still be prepared to carry out additional research when necessary.