Excellent Essay Advice: How to start your paper well

A good introduction can be pivotal in attaining a great grade in your essay. The introduction is basically a first impression, and giving off a bad first impression can be fatal, as people can have bad pre conceived opinions regarding the rest of your work, no matter how brilliant it may be. So to avoid this it is best to make an excellent introduction that will captivate and capture your reader’s attention. This advice will apply to all types of assignments from high school level to college.

Why are introductions important?

The introduction is basically the opening paragraph of your work. It tells your reader what you will be talking about, and sets the tone for the rest of your writing. The introduction shows your teachers that you know what you are talking about, and that you have understood what the question is asking of you, and how you will be answering it. Now imagine reading an article or a piece of writing without an introduction - it would be extremely confusing and you would not be able to tell clearly what it is that you are reading about. Thus the introduction makes your reader aware, and a good introduction gets the reader’s attention towards your topic.

Mistakes To Avoid

Before we get on to what constitutes a good introduction, it is good to be aware of some common mistakes students make in regards to their introductions. Te following is a list of them:

  • Omitting an introduction altogether
  • To go in too much depth in the introduction, and including significant amounts of background and historical context.
  • To make the introduction too long
  • To include an introduction, but it does not address the question that has been set.

If you avoid all these basic mistakes then already your introduction should be of a decent quality. But you do not want to settle for decent, you want an excellent introduction, so read on!

An Excellent Introduction

Although there are many things you can do to avoid making a terrible introduction, there are many steps you can take to write a captivating introduction that truly inspires your audience to continue reading. The following are some helpful tips from professional writers for hire to make a great introduction:

  • Make it clear that you understand the question that you need to answer
  • Make it clear that you understand the issues that need to be discussed
  • Show how you are going to make your argument (ie by analyzing the text, or by analyzing the language used by the author etc.)
  • Put in evidence of your research by citing a source relevant to the question
  • Be succinct. The introduction should not go into too much depth and basically acts as a brief overview
  • Start with something that instantly grabs the reader’s attention.

Doing most of these will ensure that you make a great first impression on your reader and that they will want to read more of your work.

Thesis Statement

The thesis statement of your essay is what you aim to do with your work. It is an important part of your introduction, although it is not required for all essays, mainly for those working on dissertations. If you can't come up with a good thesis statement. feel free to hire a writer for an essay. You should make our thesis statement towards the end of your introduction, as it allows a nice flow from the end of your introduction to the main body of your thesis.

As you can see, just by avoiding a few simple mistakes that many students make, and by adding in a few simple points to your writing, you can compose an excellent introduction that grabs your reader’s attention. A great first impression will go a long way in securing you good marks for your work.